Our Mission

Selecting the right company to provide you with medical transcription services can be a difficult choice.  What you want in terms of quality, reliability and dependability is not, unfortunately, always what you get.

When Quality Transcription, Inc., started providing transcription services to the medical industry, it was our intention to set the standards for excellence in providing service to clients. That is just what we are doing.  As an established and growing transcription provider, we are recognized in the industry for providing fast, reliable, professional and confidential services to our clients.


Company Profile

Quality Transcription, Inc., is a professional transcription agency.  Our staff has extensive experience providing transcription services to clinics, hospitals and doctors.  Quality Transcription is easy to use.  We have the technology to adapt our services to fit your needs.  We provide 24-hour digital dictation lines and have nationwide accessibility.  We use a wide range of transcribers.  We are confident we can develop an efficient method to service your needs.

Our fees are competitive.  Consequently, we are a cost effective alternative to hiring additional staff to handle overload work or paying overtime to existing staff in order to complete your transcription work in a timely fashion.

With Quality Transcription, Inc., working for you, deadlines are met and quality is monitored.  Best of all, you pay only for direct services with no fringe benefits or vacation time to factor into the cost of services.

When you consider everything, our name says it all:  Quality Transcription.  Isn't that what you really want?